paws4people: Transforming Lives One Puppy at a Time

Kim Kinney Brytons Blog

Here at Brytons, we enjoy supporting our community so we have decided to partner with the North Carolina based non-profit foundation, paws4people. We look forward to the exciting events we have planned and hope to raise more awareness for this great cause. paws4people

 What is paws4people?

The paws4people Foundation was started in 1999 in Wilmington, NC by 12 year old Kiera Henry with the mission to educate and empower people in need to utilize Service Dogs to improve their lives. Since then, paws4people has grown and now has over 500 trained service dogs giving support  to those in need in the community and their dogs have made over 1,000,000 therapeutic contacts!

brytons paws4peopleTo turn a dog into an Assistance Dog, 2 years of training and $36,000 is invested into each dog. These dogs start training as puppies and their training is customized to fit their future owner’s special needs. Whether the dog is needed to calm a person during a panic attack, bring them their medications, or provide emotional support and companionship; these  dogs can do it all. If you would like to read more about the paws4people process, click here to read a Huffington Post article detailing the paws4people experience for a young girl with severe anxiety.

Who do they help?

Brytons Sponsors paws4peopleThe paws4people Foundation focuses on training Assistance Dogs for children and adolescents with physical, neurological, psychiatric, or emotional disabilities; and veterans and active duty Service members with Chronic/Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) , and Military Sexual Trauma.

How do they work with the community?

paws4people reaches the community through several programs that aid populations like children, veterans, seniors and more. Their two main programs where they provide Assistance Dogs to those in need are the paws4people program, where they work with children and adolescents living with disabilities, and the pets4vets program, where they help veterans and Active-Duty Servicemembers with PTSD and other trauma.

Brytons Sponsors paws4peopleNot only does paws4people contribute when the dogs are fully trained, but they use the dogs in training and other Social Therapy and Educational Assistance dogs to give back to the community as well. Whether they are visiting nursing homes with the paws4seniors program, helping rehabilitate inmates with the paws4prisons program,  motivating children with severe disabilities to engage in learning with the paws4education program, or teaching children to read with the paws4reading program; the paws4people Foundation is always giving back.

How can you help?

brytons sponsors paws4peopleClick here to go to our donation page to support the paws4people Foundation. Donations of any size are welcome, even the smallest donation helps to provide the necessities to support and train these assistance dogs and foster the community programs. Be sure to follow our Facebook for updates on our involvement with paws4people!