My name is Barry Dyer. I am the Owner of Brytons Home Improvement.

Brytons is a home improvement company specializing in bathroom remodeling in North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia. Unlike most home improvement companies, we do something unique in this industry – we eliminate many obstacles people traditionally face when remodeling their home.  See how we measure up.

Since 1992 Brytons has offered the Ultimate Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your remodel, we will refund your money!

Barry Dyer, Owner

Why People Like Doing Business With Brytons

No Extra Charges
The price we quote you for the project is the price you pay. We have all heard the horror stories of a contractor who begins demolition only to find “hidden” problems that will take more man-hours than previously quoted. Since 1992, my company has never charged a single customer for hidden problems or for extra labor time to complete the project according to our agreement.

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Employee Code of Conduct
Every Brytons employee abides by a code of conduct policy that includes: not talking on a cell phone while working inside your home, not smoking while on your property, not using foul language, and each person will clean up after himself at the end of each day.

Written Labor Warranty
Brytons offers a copy of our labor warranty to you, in writing, prior to every meeting with you.

Buyer beware! Look out for these warranty tricks:

1. What is covered under the warranty? Many companies will just provide you with the warranty that is written by the manufacturer to cover the materials. Make sure you have a warranty agreement that is written by the local remodeling company that covers not only the materials but LABOR on the installation as well.

2. How long is the warranty? Many companies claim they offer a lifetime warranty.  However a “lifetime warranty” really does not mean anything unless the time period is defined.   “Lifetime warranty” is a broad term for the warranty means whatever the company wants it to mean.

There is much more I could write about warranties and how some well-intentioned companies (and some not so well intentioned) will allude to exaggerated warranty claims. If you have warranty questions, call our office 855-BRYTONS (855-279-8667) or e-mail me at

I have put together an information pack that includes some basic remodeling items as well as two unique lists. It includes the 5 questions you can ask over the telephone to separate the good companies from the bad ones. There is also a list of the 8 most common mistakes with a bathroom remodel project and how to avoid them. Whether you use my company or not, the guide is our gift to you just for considering Brytons.

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