Labor Warranty

Handymans Labor Warranty
NO Warranty
Contractors Labor Warranty
1 Year Labor Warranty
Brytons Labor Warranty

Job Completion Time

Handymans Job Completion Time
Completed in months
Contractors Job Completion Time
Completed in weeks
Brytons Job Completion Time
Why Choose Brytons Bath Over Another Building Contractor?

1.  We don’t use sub-contractors to perform the main work involved. Meaning, the bathtub, shower pan and walls are installed by employees of Brytons Bath. How does this help you? You will receive the highest quality work with the trained and professional installers that have full-time employment with Brytons. The typical general contractor will shop the work around to different sub-contractors that you didn’t hire. Which one gets the job? You got it, the one that’s going to charge the lowest price to the general contractor.

2.  Time. By using employee installers, Brytons can maximize the use of our time by working as many hours in the day to complete the job properly. General contractors are at the mercy of the sub-contractor’s schedule. According to leading home improvement studies, a typical bathroom remodeling project takes a general contractor three to four weeks to complete. The typical Brytons job takes only 2-3 days with a few larger projects taking up to just 1 week.

3.  We don’t just go over your existing bathtub or shower pan – We replace it. Brytons Bath can replace your existing bathtub or shower pan and install a new wall surround system for the same price, or less, than the bathtub and shower liner companies. Companies that use liners are covering up your problems not removing them.

4.  Our main line of products for bathtubs and shower is non-porous acrylic. It provides a beautiful product that will outlast any other bathtub or shower material available. It’s easy to maintain and is backed by a lifetime warranty. And….it gets better, It can be installed in days, not weeks, so it saves you money!