Bathroom Remodeling for Homes in Mulberry, SC

Kim Kinney Brytons Blog, Mulbuerry, South Carolina

Have you found yourself looking for a change lately? How long has it been since you updated your home? Consider remodeling your bathroom with Brytons! A full bathroom remodel will have your house looking new and improved and have you feeling refreshed!

If you live in Mulberry, South Carolina, Brytons is here to help you remodel your bathroom. We have a showroom in Charleston, and we have a virtual showroom on our website. Additionally, you can download a free info packet and request a free in-home consultation on our site.


If you are looking to revamp your shower, you’ve come to the right place. In as little as a few days, Brytons can remove your old shower and replace it with a completely new one, with new accessories! Our showers use an acrylic system that comes in beautiful colors and patterns and is backed by a lifetime warranty. You can rebuild your shower to be any shape or size. You can choose a walk-in shower, add shelves and seats, etc. It’s up to you!


Our bathtub options are similar to our shower options, but with an even bigger selection of options. You can choose from plastic, fiberglass, cast iron or acrylic for the bathtub itself. The wall surrounding can be marble, tile, stone or almost any material you can think of! Pick the depth and size of your tub, or even switch to our safest option of a walk-in Jacuzzi style tub!

Vanities, Faucets and Toilets

Most remodeling companies stop at baths and showers, but Brytons also specializes in FULL bathroom remodeling. This means we can redo your floors, vanities, sinks, mirrors and toilets! Most of our vanities are made by the same acrylic as our showers, so we make it easy to match it all up!

We want your bathroom remodeling experience to truly be the best, contact us today to get started!