Design Your Dream Bathroom With Brytons

Whether You want a Separate Tub and Shower, a Unique Shaped Shower, or a Special Size, Brytons has a Solution to Customize Your Bathroom.  If you’re in or around the Cary, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Greenville, New Bern, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, SC, Atlanta or surrounding areas, call today for service near you.

Tub and Shower Side by Side

Some master bathrooms have a bathtub and shower that are separated by a wall, or on opposite sides of the room. A common problem is that the shower needs to be remodeled but the tub is in good condition. Brytons is able to remodel the shower without touching the tub in certain situations. We find that many homeowners don’t even use the garden tub due to an insufficient hot water supply or that the water doesn’t come up high enough to enjoy a bath. Depending on your particular situation and needs, Brytons can create a new larger shower in the place of the bathtub, or we can install a 19” deep tub with armrests to enable you to enjoy a hot bath in style.

Specialty Shapes and Sizes

The largest shower we have installed to date is 75” x 75”. While this is too large for most homes and homeowners, it demonstrates that we can accommodate most people’s desires. Specialty and custom shaped showers are no problem. We can resolve issues that you are having with your current shower and offer permanent solutions using shower pans with a lifetime warranty. Give us and idea of what you are wanting and we will provide you with choices.

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