Brytons Accommodates Every Type of Bathroom Renovation in Ayden, NC

Kim Kinney Ayden, Brytons Blog, North Carolina

A bathroom should be a place that everyone feels comfortable, no matter what. With custom bathroom features and our Build A Bath tool, Brytons offers many different accommodations to create the perfect bathroom for any individual.

Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

Brytons understands the importance of safety, especially in the bathroom. Some older models of bathtubs and showers do not make it easy to stay safe. But, Brytons offers designs for the aging or disabled to help them be completely safe and comfortable in their home.

For those in need of a handicap accessible bathroom, Brytons can accommodate your needs above and beyond to make your bathroom beautiful and safe. Brytons specializes in handicap bathrooms, tub to shower conversions, barrier-free showers, walk-in tubs, textured tub flooring, grab bars, bench seating and sinks and vanities for wheelchair height.

Barrier-Free Showers

Barrier-free showers are conveniently accessible for wheelchairs and they allow a shower to have quite a bigger feel. There is an easy entry and exit with these showers, and there is plenty of room for grab bars to be installed wherever you desire. Additionally, bench seating can also be installed in a shower.

Bath Accessories

As mentioned before, grab bars can be installed in any bathroom or shower. Additionally, shelves and seats can be installed in both bathtubs and showers, at any height! When making a bathtub, depth can be negotiated for someone who may need a deeper or more shallow bathtub. Textured flooring could be good for every individual, but especially for those who have struggled with slipping or falling in the shower or bath.

When you customize your bathroom, you can add many of the amenities that Brytons offers. And, most remodels will take only a few days to complete! You can always be sure that Brytons is here to make your life more convenient, starting with your bathroom.