Brytons Installs Custom Bathroom Designs For Your Home In Kinston, NC

Kim Kinney Brytons Blog, Kinston, North Carolina

Brytons allows you to create your own experience when it comes to bathroom remodeling! With a variety of different features, your bathroom can be completely unique and tailored to your style.

Build A Bath

Did you know that Brytons has created an online feature that allows you to create your dream bathroom right from your computer? This will help you get a sense of exactly what you want, and what options are available to you. To get a quote on the bathroom you create, you must print or save your design and contact Brytons. From there, it’s on to the magic!


All of Brytons remodels take only one day for installation. Bathtubs can be added to a bathroom, converted from a shower, remodeled to be made a walk-in or just an upgraded version of the original! You can choose the shape, depth and material you would like to create the tub of your dreams. Brytons offers BathWraps acrylic wall systems which have a lifetime warranty, or ceramic tile, which comes in a number of color and accent options and has a special system to prevent moisture issues.


People tend to have a bit more fun with showers, as there are many different shapes and options when it comes to custom-made showers. You can create a barrier-free shower, a walk-in shower or convert your tub into a shower all in just a few days with Brytons! Additionally, we use acrylic wall systems that are durable, scratch-resistant and very easy to clean.

Vanities, Faucets, Toilets and Accessories

Brytons knows there is more to a bathroom than just showers and bathtubs. We can help design new vanities and install mirrors. Faucets can be made to match the material used for other accessories in the shower and toilets can be hand-picked and installed to really bring the bathroom together! Additional accessories include shelves, safety bars and seats.

Colors and Patterns

One of the most unique parts about a custom bathroom from Brytons is the different color, pattern, texture and design components. Each wall has a different color option, each tub or shower can be a certain pattern or design. Then, the accessories can be different colors and materials too, to match the rest of the bathroom. These options can really help make your bathroom come together to be the perfect space for your home.