Brytons Offers Premium Tub Remodel Services For Homeowners in Mebane, NC

Kim Kinney Brytons Blog

The whole family can enjoy a nice bathtub. Children, teens, adults and senior citizens alike will find themselves using a new tub for bathing and relaxation. In Mebane, NC Brytons offers premier tub remodeling services with a variety of options so you can get the tub of your dreams.


For the material of the bathtub itself, Brytons offers plastic, fiberglass, cast iron and acrylic options. For the wall surrounding, Brytons offers plastic, fiberglass, cultured marble, ceramic tile, natural stone and solid surface acrylic options. Brytons is proud to give our customers the choice of a combination of materials so you get the exact tub you want.

Patterns and Colors

We have a full list of colors and patterns on our website and in our showroom. Lucky for homeowners in Mebane, we have a showroom in Winston-Salem! Brytons offers four different solid colors, 10 different marble and granite patterns and six different simulated tile patterns. Redesigning your bathtub means picking out exactly how it will look, down to the colors and intricate details!

Types of Baths

With a tub remodel, you can choose the type of bathtub you are getting. From the depth and shape of your tub, to the shape of your tub and to the type of hardware you want, it’s all your decision! Bathtubs can be deep soakers that are 19” deep, or a standard 13” option. Brytons also offers walk-in tubs that allow safe access and hydrotherapy jets.

Bathtubs are our specialty, let us enhance your bath experience with a remodel!