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Five Bathroom Remodeling Blunders to Avoid

Kim Kinney Brytons Blog

Though remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting endeavor, it is easy to get carried away. Too often, homeowners looking to remodel make hasty or ill-informed decisions about their bathroom upgrade, and end up with an unattractive or unorganized space.

Luckily, with careful planning and patience, any bathroom renovations can be a success. To limit washroom fiascoes, use this guide to recognize and avoid common remodeling blunders:

Costly Bath Remodeling Blunders

Mistake Number One: Not Having A Budget and A Plan

As with any project, failing to plan properly can turn your remodeling dreams into a nightmare. Before you even begin researching, have a soft and a fixed budgetary limit in mind. Write down exactly why you’re thinking of remodeling, so that you know that your plans will achieve specific goals. For example, if you know you want to remodel your bathtub to be more accessible, specifically make room in the budget for that goal before shopping for your next changes.

Mistake Number Two: Focusing on Looks Alone

Don’t start making changes and calling contractors until you have measurable and concrete plans for your bathroom remodel. Simply wanting a prettier bathroom is going to be difficult to discuss with professional remodelers and designers. Furthermore, choosing to beautify a bathroom without making it more functional could leave you still feeling dissatisfied with the space. Remember that safety, accessibility, and comfort are more important than appearances. After all, 81% of bathroom injuries occur because of slips and falls. Be sure that your new design is safe before considering aesthetics.

Mistake Number Three: Skipping Ventilation and Lighting Updates

Those who choose to remodel looks before function often forget to address the practical upgrades that many bathrooms desperately need. A poorly-lit bathroom makes mirror-gazing difficult, and overall limits the room’s beauty. Neglecting ventilation has even worse consequences– forgetting to clean or fix an old fan can leave moisture on walls and ceilings, which can encourage mold growth.

Mistake Number Four: Eradicating Storage Space

When starting your bathroom remodel project, be realistic about how much storage you can eliminate. Though you might be longing for an airy, spacious bathroom, blowing out a bathroom closet might leave you with a mess of towels and toiletries. Even removing shelves when you remodel your bathtub can lead to a product-storage nightmare. Be sure to leave a few hidey-holes for razors, toothbrushes, makeup, and more.

Mistake Number Five: Skimping on Labor

Choosing to hire the cheapest remodeling service you can find might fix up your bathroom for a while, but poor-quality work rarely stands the test of time. To avoid having to re-do your renovations, do them right the first time. Whether you’re looking to remodel your bathtub, or looking for custom bathroom transformations, contact Brytons today for quality and service you can trust.