For A Quality Bath Remodel in Pine Ridge, SC – Call Brytons

Kim Kinney Brytons Blog, Pine Ridge

At Brytons, our experience has helped us to jump over the typical hurdles involved in a bath remodel to create the best experience for you when you want to update your bathroom. Compared to many other remodelers and contractors, we offer a better warranty policy and a faster rate of completion.

So, why should you choose Brytons to ensure a quality remodel?

We don’t use subcontractors

This means that all of the people that will be working on your home are Brytons employees. We only employ the best of the best to be our contractors. This means that our employees aren’t like traditional subcontractors that just try to sell their work for the lowest price. Our contractors get paid the same for every job, so they will give their best work for every job.

We work quickly and efficiently

We pride ourselves on completing jobs quickly. In fact, some of our full bathroom remodels that would take other contractors up to a week or more only take us 3 days. We work efficiently to ensure you are pleased with both the timeline of the project and the finished product.

Our replacement techniques are second to none

At Brytons, we make sure to prevent any future problems that may arise while we are remodeling. For example, we replace your existing shower and bath pan when doing a shower or bathtub remodel. This is different from other companies, who just simply install right over the existing pan. We don’t just cover up the old with the new, we replace the old with the new. This makes for the best long-term, quality bathroom with the least amount of problems.

We use only the best products

We use a non-porous acrylic line that is not only beautiful but comes with a variety of options and is easy to maintain. Additionally, it is backed by a lifetime warranty. We are so sure that this is the best value product that, for as long as you have it, we will fix any problems that may occur for no additional cost under the warranty!