Independence Day

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Cheese Fries

TONS of preparation goes into having a Independence Day cook out. From the decorations, to the cooking, to the cleaning, and driving to South Carolina to get the good fireworks, planning can get daunting! We’ve got some great ideas to help keep your event planning easy! Let’s get right into the meat and veggies of it!

What veggie is more American than a French fry? This recipe from Tablespoon takes crinkle-cut frozen fries (they use Cascadian Farm, but any brand can be substituted) and takes them up a notch by heating them with cheese, bacon, and scallions on the grill!

How about the meat component of meat and potatoes? Burgers are, of course, a true staple for any Fourth of July gathering. If you really want to impress your friends and family and neighbors, take a look at some of these divinely juicy, yet simple to concoct, hamburger recipes:


Grilled Burger

Cheddar BLT w/Tarragon Dressing, Burrata Stuffed Burgers, Burgers stuffed with chiles and Mexican cheese, Smoked Goulda Beer Burger, and the Cheyenne.

To make those burgers go the extra mile with flavor, give the burger-making tips from Mirlandra’s Kitchen a try.

To add the perfect taste of summer and throw in some sweetness, there is nothing better than a watermelon – except maybe a juicy watermelon and blackberry salad! Finish it all off with some lemonade, and you’ve got perfect summer outdoor eating.


Free 4th of July printables

For some décor and a splash of fun, keep the party patriotic! There are an infinite number of free printables online to help with any last minute sprucing up. Hang some banners in your kitchen, outside on the patio, or across the back door, and grab some adorable little homemade flags for the little ones to wave around while waiting on the burgers to grill.

Most of all, don’t forget to relax and enjoy our wonderful country’s 239th birthday!! Have a safe and happy fourth of July from Brytons Home Improvement.